Suicide Awareness Raffle.
Suicide Awareness Raffle.
Suicide Awareness Raffle.
Suicide Awareness Raffle.

Suicide Awareness Raffle.

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This is a raffle being hosted by NikeSBSales to raise money and attention towards Suicide awareness. All earnings will be donated towards National Suicide Prevention Hotline. Approximately 1 million people commit suicide every year. 9 million people admit to considering suicide every year. Family have been affected of losing a loved one. Children having to grow up without a father/mother. 

For 1 spot in this raffle it will cost  5$. Multiple Entries must be done with separate transactions. Any order with multiple entries in the same transaction will be considered an extra donation. Your ticket number will be your order number you will receive at the end of check out. Please include your Instagram username in the Notes. 

Free Shipping for members in the United States and the UK. Other customers will have to Cover Shipping. 

items being raffled are.

1. Neckface dunk highs size 10.5 preowned 

2. Kozik Dunk highs size 8 preowned condition

3. Purple Denim Blazers size 11 in preowned condition. 

4. Staple panda T-Shirt size M in brand new condition.

Winners will get to choose which prize they will claim based on who is picked first. 

Raffle entries will end September 30th 2019 4PM PST. 


NOT EVERY ENTRY IS A WINNER (for those tempted to do a charge back)